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Секреты уличных знакомств
Секреты уличных знакомств
Katalizmy, ktore zmienialy obraz Ziemi
Katalizmy, ktore zmienialy obraz Ziemi
 Unmanned Aircraft Design
 Unmanned Aircraft Design

 Автор: Mohammad Sadraey H.

  This book provides fundamental principles, design procedures, and design tools for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with three sections focusing on vehicle design, autopilot design, and ground system design. The design of manned aircraft and the design of UAVs have some similarities and some differences. They include the design process, constraints (e.g., g-load, pressurization), and UAV main components (autopilot, ground station, communication, ...
 Noel Merrill Wien
 Noel Merrill Wien

 Автор: Noel Merrill Wien

  The Wien family is one of the “royal” families of Alaska with a well-respected, well-connected, long history of amazing aviation feats. Includes 50 black-and-white photos from Merrill’s personal collection. This book shares a lifetime of adventures told from Merrill’s firsthand experiences of flying top-secret missions for the Air Force, viewing the devastation of the Good Friday Earthquake in Anchorage, and the challenges of starting his own he ...
 In the Shadow of Eagles
 In the Shadow of Eagles

 Автор: Jim Rearden

  In the Shadow of Eagles is a uniquely American saga. Rudy Billberg’s story takes readers through the great age of aviation, from his first airplane ride in Minnesota in 1927 to his bush flying career in Alaska beginning in 1941. One of the authentic aviation pioneers, Billberg writes of his countless adventures and close calls during the decades; stunt flying in Midwestern air shows, flying out of Nome into the frozen Arctic, and more. Filled w ...

 Alaska's First Bush Pilots, 1923-30
 Alaska's First Bush Pilots, 1923-30

 Автор: Jim Rearden

  This book follows the careers of Alaska's pioneering pilots, who, with cranky open-cockpit biplanes, started the great change in Alaska's way of travel. Aviation first arrived at Fairbanks, the trade center of mainland Alaska, from which dog sled trails spider-web to mines, villages, and trap-lines. During winters, goods and people traveled mostly by dog sled. During the summer of 1923 Ben Eielson was the first to fly commercially fro ...
 Sam O. White, Alaskan
 Sam O. White, Alaskan

 Автор: Jim Rearden

  Sam O. White was a tough, deep-voiced, six-foot-tall, two-hundred-pound former Maine lumberjack and guide. From 1922, for half a century he criss-crossed wild Alaska by foot, with packhorses, dog teams, canoe, riverboat, and airplane. He helped map the Territory. He trapped fur. He became the world’s first flying game warden. White wrote exciting tales about his Alaska adventures. Those writings make up the bulk of this volume. In 1927, he arri ...
 Seaplanes along the Inside Passage
 Seaplanes along the Inside Passage

 Автор: Gerry Bruder

  What is it about Alaska that can make a young journalist from the East Coast abandon his career and become a bush pilot? Bruder’s fascinating first person account answers that question and lets the reader share his experiences as he becomes seasoned as a seaplane pilot flying the rugged terrain of Western Washington, British Columbia, and Southeast Alaska.
The life of a bush pilot in southeast Alaska is filled with the exhilaration of h ...

 Alaska's Bush Planes
 Alaska's Bush Planes

 Автор: Ned Rozell

  The passion for flight has seized Alaska flyers—and those who yearn to fly to the Last Frontier—since 1913, when the first biplane arrived in crates via steamship and paddle-wheeler. In the decades to follow, Alaska’s skies buzzed with aircraft—some brand-new, others patched together, and still others lovingly restored to their original beauty. Alaska’s Bush Planes offers a brief history of flight in Alaska, then transports the reader on a visua ...
 Vertical Horizons
 Vertical Horizons

 Автор: Douglas M. Grant

  "Looking back over thirty years of flying for Okanagan, I see the experience has given me an interesting life. I have never really considered flying as work. It is more a way of life, a way of life that nourishes a free spirit, something that not many jobs can give you. I just cannot imagine anything I would… rather have done or any company I would have rather worked for."
–Jim Reid, pilot
In 1945, following years as an inst ...
 The Immortal Beaver
 The Immortal Beaver

 Автор: Sean Rossiter

  Developed soon after World War II, the de Havilland Beaver has become one of the most successful and long-lived designs in aviation history. The Beaver was conceived as a “half-ton flying pickup truck” capable of setting down on land, water, and snow. Since its conception the Beaver has been adopted worldwide, becoming the floatplane of choice for island-hopping along the Pacific Northwest, flying into the Arctic, transporting ...
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