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Katalizmy, ktore zmienialy obraz Ziemi
Katalizmy, ktore zmienialy obraz Ziemi
 Weirdbook #35
 Weirdbook #35

 Автор: Adrian Cole

  The 35th issue of WEIRDBOOK presents more stories in the Weird Tales tradition! Here are horror and dark fantasy stories set in this world – and beyond. Included this time are:<P> The Pullulations of the Tribe, by Adrian Cole<BR> The Dead of Night, by Christian Riley<BR> Mother of My Children, by Bruce L. Priddy<BR> The Man Who Murders Happiness, by John R. Fultz<BR> A Handful of Dust, by Tom English<BR>
 Still Invisible?
 Still Invisible?

 Автор: Elvin J. Dowling

  Still Invisible? is more than a narrative on the challenges facing Black males. After all, everyone recognizes there's a problem, and another book simply highlightin those challenges does very little to address the issues at hand, contribute to meaningful and substantive dialogue or offer reasonable solutions on how to help make America better. What makes this book different from anything else you have ever read, however, is that it provide
 Spider Speculations
 Spider Speculations

 Автор: Jo Carson

  &ldquo;I&rsquo;ve spent about 15 years plus some working with people&rsquo;s stories in a series of communities in this country. I write plays from oral histories for those communities. Just finished my 30th. I&rsquo;m watching people&rsquo;s lives and communities literally change, sometimes drastically, for the work. Spider Speculations is the beginning of trying to understand the hows and whys of all the changes.&rdqu

 Stories I Ain't Told Nobody Yet
 Stories I Ain't Told Nobody Yet

 Автор: Jo Carson

  Fifty-four monologues and dialogues, a remarkable distillation of rhythms and nuances from the region of the heart.
 Costume Design in the Movies
 Costume Design in the Movies

 Автор: Elizabeth Leese

  "An attractive and informed guide. It includes an extensively cross-referenced list of films on which leading couturiers worked, a superb collection of stills, and a brief history of costume on the screen." &#8212; George L. George, MillimeterThis handsome book, the first comprehensive reference work on costume design in films, is a remarkable tribute to the men and women who «dress» a film. Substantially revised and updated, it not onl
 The Corset and the Crinoline
 The Corset and the Crinoline

 Автор: W. B. Lord

  Ever since Eve's first blush, clothes have girded, graced and transformed the female physique. Fascinating and insightful, The Corset and the Crinoline is an illustrated history of clothing's attendant underpinnings &#8212; especially those that whittled the female waist to its most slender proportions. Reproduced from a rare 1868 fashion publication, each page reveals how the use of wood, whalebone, steel, hoops, and tight laces h
 Costume Through the Ages
 Costume Through the Ages

 Автор: Erhard Klepper

  Few books of costume design will prove more useful to artists, students, stage designers, and scholars than this volume. Presenting detailed drawings in a continuous chronological format, it provides a history of costume design through the ages, from the first century A.D. to 1930.Culled from sculpture, lithographs, paintings, illuminated manuscripts, engravings, caricatures, fashion plates, photographs, and magazines, these illustrations have b
 The 1912 and 1915 Gustav Stickley Craftsman Furniture Catalogs
 The 1912 and 1915 Gustav Stickley Craftsman Furniture Catalogs

 Автор: Gustav Stickley

  Studying, exhibiting, and collecting Gustave Stickley's austere, functional designs for furniture and other home furnishing continue to be major pursuits of scholars, curators, dealers, and collectors in the decorative field. This volume brings back into print two original Craftsmen catalogs illustrating and describing a broad range of Stickley's furniture designs, complete with the original captions citing materials, dimensions, and p
 Art Deco Decorative Ironwork
 Art Deco Decorative Ironwork

 Автор: Henri Clouzot

  Sumptuous treasury of 320 lavish examples of architectural ornamentation from the 1920s and '30s by Paul Kiss, Raymond Subes, Edgar Brandt and other artisans. Meticulously reproduced photographs from three rare portfolios depict magnificent designs for doors, grilles, gates, lamps, balustrades, chandeliers, screens, mirrors, and other objects.
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