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Struktura tekstu prawnego na przykladzie kodeksu karnego
Struktura tekstu prawnego na przykladzie kodeksu karnego
 Western World Costume
 Western World Costume

 Автор: Carolyn G. Bradley

  From prehistory to the mid-20th century, this informative book describes and illustrates the development of Western dress. The text — enhanced by nearly 500 illustrations — appears in outline form, permitting easy cross-referencing of material. Details of distinctive features for each era include footwear, headgear, accessories, and typical colors and materials. 491 black-and-white illustrations.
 Gallery of Late-Seventeenth-Century Costume
 Gallery of Late-Seventeenth-Century Costume

 Автор: Caspar Luyken

  This volume reprints the celebrated collection of costume plates created in 1694 by noted 17th-century Dutch engraver Caspar Luyken. Executed with remarkable finesse, the superb illustrations depict a wide range of social classes: royalty, courtesans, merchants, laborers, military officers, ladies, gentlemen, soldiers, and a host of other figures representing varied races and countries. (A number of the subjects were drawn in their everyday mili
 American Antique Weather Vanes
 American Antique Weather Vanes

 Автор: A. B. & W. T. Westervelt

  Weather vanes were used by the ancient Greeks a hundred years before the birth of Christ; by early Scandinavians on their ships; and were common throughout England since William the Conqueror, and throughout Europe since the French Revolution. American vanes were recorded since the seventeenth century — among the first known is the copper cockerel, made in 1656 for the Dutch Reformed Church at Albany. The weather vane found a welcome h

 Ancient European Costume and Fashion
 Ancient European Costume and Fashion

 Автор: Herbert Norris

  Scrupulously researched book by noted authority traces the development of European clothing styles from prehistory to the Norman Conquest in A.D. 1066. Over 160 illustrations, including 17 full-color plates, display draped robes of classical Greece, the jewel-encrusted apparel of a 10th-century Byzantine emperor, garments of peasants, as well as footwear, hairstyles, headdresses, and jewelry.
 Wonder Man-A Memoir of a Craftsman Who Is Recognized As an Artist
 Wonder Man-A Memoir of a Craftsman Who Is Recognized As an Artist

 Автор: Hannah K

  Masaaki Hiroi is an extremely renowned craftsman, who earned his status to be recognized as an artist. Masaaki Hiroi makes Edo tops, toys played by both adults and children not only in present-day Japan but also all over the world. He has created numerous Trick tops out of his imagination and creativity which use the spinning motion to move wooden dolls or other wooden items. Masaaki Hiroi's trick tops have unique movements and tastes. &
 Confederate Money Values
 Confederate Money Values

 Автор: Pierre Fricke

  This is a simple, fully illustrated value guide for Confederate currency. All major designs are illustrated with simple pricing for heavily used and lightly used notes. One need not learn to grade nor learn catalog numbers. Ideal for the person who comes into some Confederate money via inheritance or other means and wants to get a quick understanding of what dealers might pay for it.

 Collected Books: The Guide to Identification and Values
 Collected Books: The Guide to Identification and Values

 Автор: Allen OSB Ahearn

  An introduction to and advice on book collecting with a glossary of terms and tips on how to identify first editions and estimated values for over 20,000 collectible books published in English (including translations) over the last three centuries–about half are literary titles in the broadest sense (novels, poetry, plays, mysteries, science fiction, and children's books); and the other half are non-fiction (Americana, travel a
 Gaeta - Una Finestra Sul Passato
 Gaeta - Una Finestra Sul Passato

 Автор: Nicola PhD Tarallo

  Una collezione di 165 antiche cartoline del maestro Nicola Magliocca con vedute della citta dagli anni precedenti la seconda guerra mondiale agli anni '60. Include anche riproduzioni dei quadri del pittore Carlo Bossoli sull assedio di Gaeta del 1860-1861.
 Gaeta - A Peek Into the Past
 Gaeta - A Peek Into the Past

 Автор: Nicola PhD Tarallo

  The collection comprises 165 postcards of Gaeta with views of the city from the years preceding World War II up through the 1960s, which belonged to the author's grandfather, Nicola Magliocca, an accomplished and beloved Gaetano. There are also reproductions of the paintings of artist Carlo Bossoli depicting the siege of Gaeta (1860-1861).
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