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Oracle PL/SQL Programming
Oracle PL/SQL Programming
 Armenia Water Supply and Sanitation
 Armenia Water Supply and Sanitation

 Автор: In-Ho Keum

  This report shows how Armenia improved its water supply and sanitation (WSS) infrastructure and services. Government reforms in the early 2000s encouraged public-private partnerships in the sector, with WSS utilities using private operators to improve service quality and efficiency. International financial institutions and bilateral funding agencies financed investment. Private sector engagement has been governed through management and lease con ...
 Global and Regional Development and Impact of Biofuels
 Global and Regional Development and Impact of Biofuels

 Автор: Jun Yang

  This study is one of the first steps to improve understanding of the impacts of biofuel development on agriculture and economy, with specific focus on the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS). ...
 For the Love of the Land
 For the Love of the Land

 Автор: Группа авторов

  Away from the heated political debates, in the shadow of uncertainty and shifting policies, farmers are planting seeds into earth in what seem like forgotten parts of the country. Who are they? This book introduces South Africans to the heroes of agriculture. A diverse crop of farmers from across the country shares complex, layered stories about heritage and land, at times surviving traumas like land dispossession and forced labour, and the more ...

 Facts about Honey - What Honey is, How it's Taken from the Bee, It's Value as Food, Honey Recipes
 Facts about Honey - What Honey is, How it's Taken from the Bee, It's Value as Food, Honey Recipes

 Автор: Camille Pierre Dadant

  "Facts about Honey" is a simple guide to honey, exploring what honey is, how it is taken from bees, its nutritional value, and more. Written in plain language and profusely illustrated, this handbook is perfect for novices with an interest in honey, its production, and what can be done with it. Also included are a number of honey-based recipes. Contents include: «What Honey Is», «Where Honey is Gathered», «Different Flavors of Honey», «Prin ...
 The Fight Over Food
 The Fight Over Food

 Автор: Группа авторов

  “One problem with the food system is that price is the bottom line rather than having the bottom line be land stewardship, an appreciation for the environmental and social value of small-scale family farms, or for organically grown produce.” —Interview with farmer in Skagit County, Washington For much of the later twentieth century, food has been abundant and convenient for most residents of advanced industrial soc ...
 Soil, Sun, and Seeds - Children's Agriculture Books
 Soil, Sun, and Seeds - Children's Agriculture Books

 Автор: Baby Professor

  Soil, sun and seeds – these are the ingredients to create a green world. Agriculture is not a usual subject taught in kindergarten or elementary but it has to be discussed. The young needs to know where all the food comes from and what their role is to ensuring that there’s plenty of greens for everyone. Grab a copy of this book today! ...

 Why Our Farms Are Important - Children's Agriculture Books
 Why Our Farms Are Important - Children's Agriculture Books

 Автор: Baby Professor

  Notice that in schools, subjects like math and science are at the top of the list. Everyone wants to be a doctor or an engineer but does anyone like to be a farmer? It’s high time that kids be made aware of the importance of farmers and farms. The first step to this awareness would be a good agriculture book like this one. Grab a copy today! ...
 Small Seeds and Big Machines - Children's Agriculture Books
 Small Seeds and Big Machines - Children's Agriculture Books

 Автор: Baby Professor

  Let’s talk about agriculture, or the science of farming. This is a very important lesson because it touches about environmental care and self sustenance through planting. Your child will find this book extra special because it includes pictures of small seeds and big machines. With the combination of texts and photos, this is one of the best agriculture books your child could ever have. Secure a copy today! ...
 Farmers! Planting, Nurturing and Harvesting, Farming for Kids - Children's Agriculture Books
 Farmers! Planting, Nurturing and Harvesting, Farming for Kids - Children's Agriculture Books

 Автор: Baby Professor

  Let’s pretend to be farmers for a day! This educational book will give your child all the basic information he/she needs to know about farming. You can also use this book to help your child understand how farmers work hard to give you the food you need. The purpose of this book is to educate the child and to promote an appreciation for farmers, too. Grab a copy now! ...
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