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Энциклопедические словари

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Dodge Ramcharger 150-350 с 1993 года, руководство по ремонту и эксплуатации в электронном виде (на английском языке)
Dodge Ramcharger 150-350 с 1993 года, руководство по ремонту и эксплуатации в электронном виде (на английском языке)
 Энциклопедические словари

Энциклопедические словари являются незаменимым инструментом для получения всесторонней информации по различным тематикам. Они предоставляют читателю уникальную возможность ознакомиться с широким кругом знаний, раскрыть новые концепции и события, а также познакомиться с основными фактами, идеями и терминами в различных областях науки, искусства, истории и многих других. ... Читать полностью

 Leksykografia - slownik specjalistyczny
 Leksykografia - slownik specjalistyczny

 Автор: Monika Bielinska

 Basic Conversational Amharic for Beginners
 Basic Conversational Amharic for Beginners

 Автор: Ridwan Abdul-Ali

  This beginner’s manual is an excellent source for traveling and basic conversation of the language of Amharic which is the most common language spoken in Ethiopia. This is a collection of colloquial phrases and words that were learned on my trips to Ethiopia. <br />What makes this manual great for beginners is that I have input understandable English phonetics for those that cannot read the alphabet yet; along with all the English translat
 Aussie Talk
 Aussie Talk

 Автор: Paul Bugeja

  We use them every day, some of us more than others. They make our conversations colourful and interesting, loud and bright, rich and rare… and sometimes seemingly foreign or incomprehensible to visitors to our shores.They derive from a variety of cultural, historical and ethnic sources, and have adapted and evolved over time into a collection of truly original 'Australian-isms'.<br /> <br />They underline and emphasise the

 Aussie Slang Dictionary
 Aussie Slang Dictionary

 Автор: Группа авторов

  The ever popular and thoroughly entertaining <b><i>Aussie Slang Dictionary</i></b> is back to help you decipher and speak the true local language. Full of dazzling definitions from true-blue Aussies, you'll never be lost for words with this collection of colourful sayings. From 'aerial ping-pong' (AFL) to 'on the wrong tram' (to be following the wrong train of thought) and finishing up with some &
 Johnson's Dictionary
 Johnson's Dictionary

 Автор: Samuel Johnson

  Written virtually single-handedly over a seven-year period by a revered dean of English letters, Johnson&#8217;s Dictionary first appeared in 1755. A remarkable monument to the vigor and variety of our language and to the genius of its author, it served as the standard dictionary for more than 150 years and formed the basis for all subsequent English dictionaries. This modern version reduces the original 2,300 pages of definitions and litera
 The Devil's Dictionary
 The Devil's Dictionary

 Автор: Ambrose Bierce

  Born in Ohio in 1842, journalist, short-story writer and critic Ambrose Bierce developed into one of this country's most celebrated and cynical wits–a merciless «American Swift» whose literary barbs were aimed at folly, self-delusion, politics, business, religion, literature and the arts. In this splendid «dictionary» of epigrams, essays, verses and vignettes, you'll find over 1,000 pointed definitions, e.g. Congratulation («The civili
 Dinosaurs: From A to Z
 Dinosaurs: From A to Z

 Автор: Blago Kirof

  This picture book is a great teaching tool for vocabulary building. A set of wonderful pictures show exactly what a dinosaurs looks like. It is like a dictionary of dinosaurs for toddlers. The pictures are clear, the colors are nice, the letters are big enough. It&#39;s excellent for your little one to helps him build confidence in his ability to &quot;read&quot; the letters from A to Z (shown on the pages for the words shown that be
 American Boy's Handy Book
 American Boy's Handy Book

 Автор: Daniel C. Beard

  Long before «danger» was a book for boys, there was <i>The American Boy's Handy Book</i> by Daniel Beard&#8212;a beloved classic by one of the original founders of the Boy Scouts of America. <i>The American Boy's Handy Book</i> was designed to provide hundreds of activities for restless young boys&#8212;adventures and games, indoors and out, in every season of the year. It was originally published in 188
 That's Different!: Opposites Books for Kids
 That's Different!: Opposites Books for Kids

 Автор: Speedy Publishing LLC

  Understanding the concepts of same and different is essential in honing your child's communication, math and analytic skills. This special book of opposites is especially designed for the young readers. It contains definitions that will challenge your child's reading and comprehensive skills. It also helps improve his/her vocabulary through the introduction of commonly paired words. Mastering these concepts will help your child with hi
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