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Annie Proulx
Annie Proulx
 Disability as a Social Construct
 Disability as a Social Construct

 Автор: Claire H. Liachowitz
 Equity by Design
 Equity by Design

 Автор: Katie Novak

  When it comes to the hard work of reconstructing our schools into places where  every  student has the opportunity to succeed, Mirko Chardin and Katie Novak are absolutely convinced that teachers should serve as our primary architects. And by “teachers” they mean  legions of teachers[/i] working in close collaboration. After all, it’s teachers who design students’ learn

 Автор: The Staff of the Washington Post


 Cornerstone of Liberty
 Cornerstone of Liberty

 Автор: Timothy Sandefur

 Intellectual Property and Innovation Protection
 Intellectual Property and Innovation Protection

 Автор: Remi Lallement

  This book analyses the various ways in which intellectual property (IP) operates in relation to innovation activity. It reflects on the “classical” issues of the IP system related to the necessity of protecting risky and often costly investments undertaken by firms and others players involved in the innovation process. Beyond this, it stresses the numerous challenges addressed by contemporary technological and societal change, especially in a wo
 Legal Aspects of Mental Capacity
 Legal Aspects of Mental Capacity

 Автор: Bridgit C. Dimond

  Highly Commended in Health and social care in the 2017 BMA Medical Book Awards The Mental Capacity Act (2005) regulates decision making processes on behalf of adults who are unable to give informed consent, due to a loss in mental capacity (be that from birth, or due to an illness or injury at some point in their lives). Since the Act’s original conception the new Court of Protection is now firmly established, and there have been significant Sup
 Patent Engineering
 Patent Engineering

 Автор: Donald S. Rimai

  Patents are a vital asset in the modern business world. They allow patent holders to introduce new products in to a market while deterring other market players from simply copying innovative features without making comparable investments in research and development. In years past, a few patents may have provided adequate protection. That is no longer the case. In today's world, it is critical that innovative companies protect the features of the
 How to Invent and Protect Your Invention
 How to Invent and Protect Your Invention

 Автор: Joseph P. Kennedy

  A straightforward guide to inventing, patenting, and technology commercialization for scientists and engineers Although chemists, physicists, biologists, polymer scientists, and engineers in industry are involved in potentially patentable work, they are often under-prepared for this all-important field. This book provides a clear, jargon-free, and comprehensive overview of the patenting process tailored specifically to the needs of scientists an
 Проект Федерального закона Российской Федерации «Об исполнительной деятельности частных судебных приставов-исполнителей»
 Проект Федерального закона Российской Федерации «Об исполнительной деятельности частных судебных приставов-исполнителей»

 Автор: Галина Улетова
 Год: 2005


В проекте ФЗ «Об исполнительной деятельности частных судебных приставов-исполнителей» реализуется авторская концепция института частного судебного пристава-исполнителя в России как наиболее эффективная модель принудительного исполнения юрисдикционных актов. Адресуется научным работникам, преподавателям, аспирантам и студентам юридических вузов и факультетов, представителям законодательной, исполнительной и судебной власти, всем и

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