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Dodge Neon с 1994 по 1997 год, руководство по ремонту и эксплуатации в электронном виде (на английском языке)
Dodge Neon с 1994 по 1997 год, руководство по ремонту и эксплуатации в электронном виде (на английском языке)

Unveiling the Journey of Datsun Cars: From Development History to Popular Models and Repairing eBooks

Datsun, a prominent name in the automotive industry, has been producing reliable vehicles for decades. This article aims to delve into the development history of Datsun cars, highlight some of their popular models, and touch upon handy eBooks available for repairing these vehicles.

Development History:

The history of Datsun dates back to 1914 when it was founded as a brand under the Kwaishinsha Motorcar Works in Japan. Initially, the company manufactured trucks before venturing into the production of passenger cars. In the early years, Datsun focused on small, affordable vehicles that appealed to a wide range of consumers.

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. acquired Datsun in 1933, leading to the formation of Nissan-Datsun, which later became Nissan Motor Corporation. Throughout the subsequent decades, Datsun/Nissan expanded its global reach, establishing itself as a reliable and innovative automobile manufacturer.

List of Popular Models:

1. Datsun 240Z - Launched in 1969, the 240Z is an iconic sports car that gained significant popularity for its sleek design and powerful performance. It became one of Datsun's most successful models, contributing to their global recognition.

2. Datsun 510 - Introduced in 1967, the 510 was a compact sedan known for its reliability, affordability, and strong performance. It became particularly popular in the United States, where it offered a spirited alternative to competitors in the market.

3. Datsun 280ZX - Released in 1978, the 280ZX provided enhanced comfort and luxury compared to its predecessors. It received acclaim for its performance, fuel efficiency, and advanced features, solidifying Datsun's reputation for producing well-rounded sports cars.

4. Datsun Go - In 2013, Datsun made a comeback with the Datsun Go, targeting emerging markets with affordable pricing and modern amenities. This compact hatchback showcased the brand's commitment to providing economical and reliable transportation.

EBooks about Repairing:

Dedicated enthusiasts and DIY car enthusiasts often seek detailed information on repairing and maintaining their Datsun vehicles. Some valuable eBooks cater to this demand by offering comprehensive guides, tips, and troubleshooting advice. Two noteworthy eBooks include:

1. 'Datsun 240Z, 260Z, 280Z Automotive Repair Manual' by Haynes Publishing: This eBook provides step-by-step instructions, diagrams, and photographs to guide readers through the repair process of Datsun's iconic Z series cars. It covers everything from routine maintenance to complex repairs, making it an invaluable resource for owners.

2. 'Datsun/Nissan Bluebird 160B, 180B, 200B Repair Manual' by Gregory's Manuals: Focusing on the Bluebird series, this eBook offers detailed instructions on servicing and fixing Datsun vehicles built during the 1970s and 1980s. It covers various mechanical aspects such as engines, transmissions, electrical systems, and more.


Datsun cars have left an indelible mark on the automotive industry, admired for their reliability, affordability, and performance. From their humble beginnings to becoming a global brand under Nissan, Datsun has consistently produced models that resonate with car enthusiasts worldwide.

Whether it's the iconic 240Z or the popular Go, Datsun cars continue to captivate drivers with their blend of style, practicality, and driving experience. Moreover, the availability of repairing eBooks further aids the dedicated ownership community, equipping them with the knowledge to maintain and restore these vehicles to their former glory.

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