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Тибетский буддизм

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Maska w kulturze wspolczesnej Europy. Teorie i praktyki
Maska w kulturze wspolczesnej Europy. Teorie i praktyki
 Мудрость Алмазного Огранщика: солнечный свет на пути к свободе
 Мудрость Алмазного Огранщика: солнечный свет на пути к свободе

 Автор: Майкл Роуч
 Год: 2020

  Спустя десятилетия после успеха мирового бестселлера «Алмазный Огранщик» Геше Майкл Роуч перевел с тибетского языка комментарий к самой важной книге буддийского мировоззрения – «Сутре Алмазного Огранщика». Именно ее Геше Майкл использовал для достижения успеха в бизнесе и личного успеха, а также распространения древней азиатской мудрости в современном мире. Невероятно глубокий комментарий к этой сутре тибетского мастера Чоне Ламы был найден в би ...
 Complete Poison Blossoms from a Thicket of Thorn
 Complete Poison Blossoms from a Thicket of Thorn

 Автор: Hakuin Zenji

  Following his translation of just over half the original text in 2014, Norman Waddell presents the complete teaching record of Zen master Hakuin, now available in English with extensive explanations, notes, and even the wry, helpful comments that students attending Hakuin’s lectures inscribed in their copies of the text With this volume, Norman Waddell completes his acclaimed translation of the teaching record of one of the greatest Zen master ...
 The Faith to Doubt
 The Faith to Doubt

 Автор: Stephen Batchelor

  Kierkegaard said that faith without doubt is simply credulity, the will to believe too readily, especially without adequate evidence, and that “in Doubt can Faith begin.” All people involved in spiritual practice, of whatever persuasion, must confront doubt at one time or another, and find a way beyond it to belief, however temporary. But “faith is not equivalent to mere belief. Faith is the condition of ultimate conf ...

 The Diamond Sutra
 The Diamond Sutra

 Автор: Red Pine
 A Collection of Advice
 A Collection of Advice

 Автор: Thaye Dorje, His Holiness the 17th Karmapa

  Thaye Dorje imparts wisdom in-person and through social media. This book brings together his most important teachings so that everybody may have access to their inner wealth. The book focuses on the education that develops the values inherent to all beings: compassion and wisdom, aiming at establishing lasting peace and serenity on a personal and a societal level. Thaye Dorje , his holiness the Seventeenth Karmapa, is the spiritual head of the ...
 Tales From a Zen Kitchen
 Tales From a Zen Kitchen

 Автор: Florencia Clifford

  I have learned to notice the splendour of life even in the slimiest of creatures. I have found beauty in what I used to perceive as ugly. Slowly I have learned to love that which is difficult to love, both in myself and in others. Florencia Clifford is a zen cook. In this evocative and powerful book, we move seamlessly from Buddhist retreats in an isolated farmhouse in mid-Wales, to the hills of Florencia's childhood in Argentina, and back ...

 Creating the Universe
 Creating the Universe

 Автор: Eric Huntington

  Buddhist representations of the cosmos across nearly two thousand years of history in Tibet, Nepal, and India show that cosmology is a rich language for the expression of diverse religious ideas, with cosmological thinking at the center of Buddhist thought, art, and practice.In�Creating the Universe,�Eric Huntington presents examples of visual art and architecture, primary texts, ritual ideologies, and material practices&am ...
 Buddhism Illuminated
 Buddhism Illuminated

 Автор: San San May

  Buddhist temples in Southeast Asia are centers for the preservation of local artistic traditions. Chief among these are manuscripts, a vital source for our understanding of Buddhist ideas and practices in the region. They are also a beautiful art form, too little understood in the West.The British Library has one of the richest collections of Southeast Asian manuscripts, principally from Thailand and Burma, anywhere in the world. It includes fin ...
 Buddhas and Ancestors
 Buddhas and Ancestors

 Автор: Juhn Y. Ahn

  Two issues central to the transition from the Kory to the Chos n dynasty in fourteenth-century Korea were social differences in ruling elites and the decline of Buddhism, which had been the state religion. In this revisionist history, Juhn Ahn challenges the long-accepted Confucian critique that Buddhism had become so powerful and corrupt that the state had to suppress it. When newly rising elites (many with strong ties to the Mongols) used lavi ...
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