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Oracle PL/SQL Programming
Oracle PL/SQL Programming
Katalizmy, ktore zmienialy obraz Ziemi
Katalizmy, ktore zmienialy obraz Ziemi

FreiWillig - Episode 5

FreiWillig - Episode 5
Автор: Lilly M. Beck
Издательство: Bookwire
Cтраниц: 1
Размер: 0
ISBN: 9783956951275
The adventures of a German sub. Inspired by real life events.
She reveals her desires and allows deep insights into her inner self. Despite the deep connection, Hanna is constantly afraid that something will change in the time when they are separated and that Gregor might let her go. After all, they are both living secret lives and it is clear that the circumstances make everything possible, but when something happens, the cards are shuffled again and only memories and deep traces remain, especially in their hearts. No one had recognized the submissive tendencies in her before. With Gregor, she is allowed to serve, savor her desire for pain, and is given special training. She enjoys the trip and the feeling of togetherness between the two. He really goes out of his way to make her understand that she is what he wants.
In Berlin they can live. Nobody can disturb their double life. They keep it all in secret. But today it's kind of different. Gregor looks more affectionate. Are Hanna's fears true? Is he just waiting for an appropriate time to talk to her? She is too scared to address it herself. Instead, she surrenders to the sexy moments and savors everything. Creates memories with him that no one can take away. Learning, listening to herself, and trusting someone so much that she lets him take the lead. Not just in bed. In life. Gregor is her dom and is everything she wants. She listens to him and gets involved in his games. But everything is different today, isn't it? What is the other car doing and is Gregor fleeing from her? Is it okay to ask and why does Hanna have to use the safeword…?
The fifth part of the 20-part series about Sub Hanna*, her Dom Gregor*, and their passionate affair in Berlin.
*Names of people and places in this book have been changed

Просмотров: 8

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