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Самоучитель хакера
Самоучитель хакера
Ciemna triada osobowosci w srodowisku pracy. Perspektywa interakcyjna
Ciemna triada osobowosci w srodowisku pracy. Perspektywa interakcyjna

Anxiety Workbook:Top 10 Powerful Steps How To Stop Your Anxiety Now.

Anxiety Workbook:Top 10 Powerful Steps How To Stop Your Anxiety Now.
Автор: Heather Rose
Издательство: Ingram
Cтраниц: 1
Формат: EPUB
Размер: 0
ISBN: 9781628840414
This anxiety workbook is designed to help you to rid yourself of ongoing anxiety. Anxiety is a very real condition and some schools of thought define it as a «future oriented» condition in which a person is in a state of constant worry about some event which may or may not occur at some point in the future. Anxiety is thought to be the body's way of prompting the self to deal with stressful situations and when it is not chronic, is thought of as a normal state to be in to help the body to cope with stressful situations. The problem comes however, when one is in a constant state of anxiety. This workbook, through a series of highly effective exercises, helps you to get on top of anxiety related problems and get back to a normal life. Symptoms Anxiety can manifest itself in a number of very real and often frightening physical and emotional symptoms. Symptoms of anxiety can include any combination of the following: Palpitations Panic attacks Hyperventilation Tension and muscle weakness Headache Tiredness Fatigue Shortness of breath Chest pain Nausea Stomach ache Types Anxiety can manifest itself in several ways including social anxiety, phobia, obsessive compulsive behaviour/disorder and post traumatic stress disorder. The problem with living in a constant state of anxiety is that it can lead to even more serious physical problems such as high blood pressure and heart disease. This is because the state of anxiety means that the body is under the impression that there is a perceived threat. As a result, the body raises the blood pressure, increases the heart rate and increases the flow of blood to major muscle groups to help the body to deal with an impending situation which does not exist in reality. Social Anxiety Social anxiety can be thought of as a fear of being in social situations. To those who do not suffer from it, it is an irrational fear, but to those who experience it, it is very real and the implications can be devastating and disabling. Some people feel like they can not leave the house for fear of being scrutinised in social situations. If this is you, the shyness and social anxiety workbook can help you to get past it. Phobia Phobia occurs when you feel so anxious about an object or particular situation that you avoid coming into contact with it at all costs. Sometimes the fear can be so great that it can lead to intense feelings of fear, sweating, palpitations and hyperventilation. Some sufferers have been known to become so distressed that they faint. One can have phobias of anything from spiders to heights. If this sounds at all familiar, the phobia anxiety workbook can help you to get past your fears. Panic Attacks Panic attacks can be thought of as periods of very intense fear and anxiety which occur suddenly and often with no warning. They symptoms may include any combination of the following Palpitations Shortness of breath A feeling of suffocation Trembling Shaking Sweating Nausea Stomach pain Feeling light headed Feeling dizzy Shortness of breath Fear of impending death Hot flashes Chills feeling numb or tingling sensation Panic attacks can last for anything from 10 minutes to several hours and it is said that the experience can be the most frightening experience in a persons life. The first one can take a few days to recover from. If this sounds at all like you, the panic and anxiety workbook can help you to get past your panic attacks quickly and easily. Anxiety Workbook This «anxiety workbook» comes complete with 10 truly powerful steps to help you to cure your anxiety very quickly. If any of the symptoms described here appear at all familiar to you or a loved one, the anxiety workbook could help change your life.

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